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Gen-X & Elder Millenial Parents, You’ll Feel These Tweets About the Halftime Show in Your (Aching) Bones

For anyone who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, the Super Bowl halftime show was a delightful time warp into our youth. If you circled must-have fashion items in a dELiA’s catalog, ever touched a hacky sack or a slap bracelet, had a binder full of CDs, and/or remember feeling like Breyer’s Viennetta ice cream was the height of sophistication, you were probably as giddy as we were.

But our children only know us as the people who keep multiple bottles of ibuprofen, hoard a stash of plastic bags inside other plastic bags, and fund their extracurricular activities and school lunch accounts. So it may have come as a bit of a shock to see their folks going ham in front of the TV.

Or, at the very least, made them cringe so hard — which is so much fun, amiright, parents of tweens and teens?! (Bonus points if you said something like, “This halftime show slaps.”)

Of course, some of us have kids who ALREADY KNOW because we’ve previously introduced them to The Classics.

Regardless of our kids’ reactions, though, we couldn’t help but feel our age just a little bit.

… But in an odd twist, it also made us feel a little bit young again. Especially when it came to seeing and hearing the reactions of our own parents. Who knew our music of choice could still piss them off?!

There’s nothing like a heavy dose of teenage nostalgia to remind us that our own kids really aren’t that different than we were at their age. And that we’re a whole lot cooler than they give us credit for.

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