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Shawn Johnson East’s Baby Jett Gives Biggest Smile When Meeting Olympian Nastia Liuken

Meeting an Olympian can make anyone blush — it’s so cool to see your TV heroes in real life, right? — even if you are the child of an Olympian yourself. Andrew East’s latest video of 6-month-old son, Jett, whom he shares with wife and Olympic gold-medalist Shawn Johnson East, is so stinking adorable that I can’t stop watching it on repeat.

The video, posted to Instagram yesterday, shows Jett meeting another Olympic gold-medaling gymnast, who competed with Shawn in the 2008 Olympic Games: Nastia Liukin. This baby cannot stop smiling!

“First time dude met @nastialiukin and he was CHEESING” wrote Andrew, who used the hashtags #family, #kids, #olympians, #cute, and #flirting. Andrew is holding Jett in the video, and the baby has his entire body turned toward Liuken. He is the living embodiment of the heart-eyes emoji looking at her — and my cheeks are hurting from smiling so hard.

In the video, Andrew says, “Do you see that smile?” as Liuken shows the baby “puppy dogs” on her phone. He added “6 month old flirting” over the top, as it seems like the baby is just so in love with Liuken. Later, Shawn comments, “OK, pretty girls, right?” as everyone laughs at the sweet moment. Then, Shawn zooms in on Jett’s face, which is totally starstruck. How cute is he?

Fans commented on the adorableness, writing: “OMG!!!! The love and adoration he has for her is priceless!!!” and “Already making the ladies swoon!”

Andrew and Shawn also share cute videos of their daughter, Drew, 2, including when she learned to count and say her ABCs. The couple are proud parents, and their love shines through in everything they post.

We don’t blame you for grinning so hard, Jett — we would do the same thing!

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