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Jenny Slate Opens Up About How Motherhood Changed Her: ‘I Can See Myself Now’

2022 is coming up all about I Want You Back star Jenny Slate, and in true Slate fashion, she’s staying honest about everything — including how motherhood has changed her.

According to her recent interview with USA Today, Slate arrived on the set of I Want You Back — the upcoming rom-com with Charlie Day — just 10 weeks after giving birth. “I was scared… I was like, I don’t know what it’ll feel like to wear pants.” She added, “[But] I feel like I’m entering my best moment so far. You know, having a baby really caught me by surprise in a way. I mean, I wanted to have a baby. It wasn’t a surprise when I got pregnant – or it kind of was, I guess?”

Slate said, “But what I thought would happen was I will become absorbed into the caregiver role and I won’t be able to reach back into what I did before. But what I find instead is that all of my personal concerns that in a way were a bit brutal, like my little vanities or my little worries, have just burned away. I can really see myself now.”

Back in Sept. 2019, the author and actor announced her engagement to art curator Ben Shattuck and less than two years later, on Feb. 3, 2021, to be exact, she and Shattuck welcomed a baby girl named Ida into the world. (They actually almost named her something completely different!) Shattuck and Slate tied the knot on New Year’s Eve 2021.

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