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Meghan Trainor’s Son Riley is Adorable (and Hilarious!) in His First Birthday Photos

It’s official: Meghan Trainor is a toddler mom now! On Feb. 9, proud mama Trainor posted a series of adorable photos of her one-year-old son Riley’s birthday. She posted it with the caption, “Happy birthday, Riley! You are my everything! I love you to the moon and back. Best year of my life.”

In the first and third photos, we get a glimpse of baby Riley with cake on his face, looking at the camera. Next, we get a family photo of Spy Kids alum Daryl Sabara and Trainor with Riley; then in the fourth photo, we’re cackling over Riley smashing cake into Trainor’s surprised face. But it’s all good because, in the next photo, we get a snapshot of the happy parents kissing him. We get another cute snapshot of Riley looking at the camera followed by a hilarious glimpse of the red-headed baby looking so disinterested in everything going on. Then we end it with him shoving his little hand into the cake (see all the adorable photos here).

Now everyone is freaking out over Riley’s disinterested look, with Trainor saying that was his response to when they told him the cake was sugar-free. Many have been making memes of his face at Trainor’s request.

Trainor and Sabara met back in 2014 but didn’t start dating until 2016. They got engaged in late 2017 and married almost one year later. Then in 2020, Trainor announced they were expecting their first child and on Feb. 2021, Riley was born!

Trainor recently opened up about how difficult motherhood has been at points, with the hard delivery and difficulty breastfeeding. But it’s all led her to want to be the best mama ever for Riley, saying, “I think when you have a kid you just realize, ‘Wow, life is beautiful and precious. I want to be the best for my kid.’ I’ve never been more motivated.”

Childbirth is nothing like in the movies, as these beautiful photos show.

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