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Diane Kruger Has Fans Wondering Where The Time Has Gone After Rare Video of Daughter

Diane Kruger just made everyone question their sense of time with this new, adorable video of her and Norman Reedus’ daughter. On Feb 5, Kruger posted a Boomerang of her daughter, 3, with the caption, “Let’s gooooooooo.”

In the video, we see Kruger and Reedus’ baby girl looking like she’s about to drop some amazing dance moves while in an adorable two-piece pajama set. It seems like yesterday we were fawning over a couch photo of their baby girl and Reedus, but now she’s already grooving, moving, and has some long locks on top of it all!

Commenters have the same sentiment, wondering how she got so big practically overnight, commenting on things like “Wow. big girl already” and “When did she get so big?! oh my goodness!”

The 355 star met future partner Reedus on the set of Sky back in 2016, dating pretty soon after. Then in Nov 2018, they surprised everyone and welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world — and over three years later, they still have never told the world what her name is.

She opened up to People about why they’ve never divulged her name and honestly; it is 100 percent understandable. She said, “Well, first and above all, it’s safety. We have The Walking Dead empire which has a lot of very intense fandomship that comes with it. And secondly, she is an innocent, young, vulnerable baby and I think I just don’t understand why America doesn’t have better laws for children.”

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