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As Her Twins Approach 14, Jennifer Lopez is Teaching Them Some Important Life Lessons

It can be bittersweet watching your kids grow up, but Jennifer Lopez is focused on teaching her almost 14-year-old twins, Maximillian “Max” David and Emme Maribel, important life lessons. On Thursday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the Marry Me star said her kids are like “little adults now,” per PEOPLE.

“They’re amazing, first of all,” said Lopez of her kids, whom she shares with ex Marc Anthony. “And they’re just now, they’re adults. They’re like little adults and they have their own lives, and they have all their own ideas about the world already, and they love to kind of like, show you that they know things.”

Even though they’re growing up quickly, Lopez is still taking the time to teach them about life and love. In this week’s issue of PEOPLE, Lopez said, “I’m always trying to let them know how much I love them and that loving yourself is so important.”

She added, “Little key things like your thoughts create your life so to think positive, that all their feelings are okay and that people should always treat you well, and you’re not a victim to anybody…Things you want them to know so they can be in good, healthy relationships with their friends, and then when they finally fall in love with somebody.”

Lopez got together with her ex, Ben Affleck, last year (and they are stronger than ever!), and she wants her kids to know the importance of loving yourself before loving someone else. In the interview with PEOPLE, she added, “I want [the kids] to know where I got to very recently: If you’re good on your own, you really can have a beautiful relationship. But until then, you’re probably going to struggle through it and try to find it.”

She also shared in today’s episode of Live that she is learning from her kids too. “I feel like I learn so much from them,” Lopez said. “They keep me so abreast with the world and what’s happening now and how kids are thinking. It’s a whole different thing. It’s a different world!”

Last month, Lopez shared in an Instagram video that one of her intentions for 2022 is “to be the best mother I can be.” It seems like she’s already doing a fantastic job!

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