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Watch Drake’s 4-Year-Old Give His Dad a Wise-Beyond-His-Years Lesson — In French

Drake’s son Adonis gave the rapper a master class in philosophy — all in French.

In a video recently posted to Drake’s Instagram page, the “One Dance” star bonds with Adonis Graham, whom he shares with artist Sophie Brussaux. “Are you going to be much bigger than me?” the boy asks his dad while they sit on a couch.

“Am I going to be much bigger than you?” echoes Drake. “I don’t think so. You are pretty tall. Do you think you are going to be bigger than me?”

“Yeah! I’m going to be old,” answers Adonis to which his dad says, “K, when you’re my age, how big are you going to be?”

Adonis was more than happy to explain, but only in French. “Une fois, quand je suis grand, tu vas mourir, tu vas retourner dans l’univers,” he tells his dad. The loose translation? “When you’re older, you’re all broken and you’re going to turn back into space.”

“You’re a funny guy!” says Drake, while cracking up.

“I been around the world thrice times I mean what I say…” he captioned the video.

With a mom who was born and raised in France and a dad hailing from Toronto, Canada, the capital city of Ontario where Francophones represent 4.7 percent of the population, Adonis’ mastery of the language (and his ability to nail the accent) is not a surprise. But it’s so, so cute. Drake’s followers thought so too, calling the boy a “French poet,” “amazing,” and “too smart.”

Drake, consider this your cue to brush up on your French, if only to keep up with your son!

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