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Charlize Theron Gives a Rare Glimpse of Her Girls in a Sweet Photo With Grandma

In a touching post on her Instagram, Charlize Theron paid tribute to her mom, Gerda Maritz, in honor of her birthday. Amid the adorable mother-daughter selfies and stunning throwback pics of mama in her younger years, the Oscar winner shared a gorgeous shot of Gerda posing with her two granddaughters, Jackson, 10, and August, 7, during a family hike.

Theron rarely shares photos of her two girls, making the beautiful pic a lovely treat for fans. In the photo, Gerda can be seen with her arm wrapped around Jackson, as August is standing close by. The picture-perfect trio are clad in their hiking gear, and it’s so precious to see a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Theron’s sweet family life.

“Today is my moms birthday,” Theron wrote in her caption. “I wanted to share her with all of you because anyone who knows her, knows how utterly awesome it’s is to stand in her sunlight. She TRULY is life. She laughs louder than anyone I’ve ever met. She’s a great tennis player/golfer/hiker AND a gifted shit talker! She’s direct, she’s honest, she funny, and she’ll tell you how it is anytime of the day!” She ended by writing, “Ma, ek lief jou oor die maan 🌝,” which loosely translates to “Mom, I love you to the moon!” in Afrikaans.

It seems Theron has taken plenty of cues from her own mom in raising her daughters, particularly as a single mom herself. And as a white South African woman, she also acknowledges the inherent privilege and unique responsibilities she has when it comes to raising two Black girls. In 2021, she told Essence magazine, “I have a real acknowledgment, as we all do as parents – we know where we lack and we know where we are rich. And this is maybe not where I am.”

She also expressed gratitude to “the incredible village of strong Black women” in her life “who I can pick up a phone to, or come over to my house and they’ll tell me: ‘You need to stop doing this,’ or ‘these baby hairs are breaking off. What are you doing?’ So they put me in my place, and because of them I feel this great confidence in raising my girls.”

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