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Heads Up, Golden Girls Fans — You’re Gonna Want to Pre-Order This Adorable Kids’ Book

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With the recent passing of Betty White — we’re still in mourning, TBH — many of us are revisiting just how much we love The Golden Girls. And, like anything we love, it thrills us to see the next generation enjoying it as much as we do.

Your little ones may not be able to grasp the razor-sharp wit and snappy comebacks just yet, and you may not feel comfortable exposing them to the sometimes-racy shenanigans the Girls got up to. But you don’t have to wait until they’re surly teens who think your entertainment is “cringy” to bring these golden grandmas into their life. Enter the perfect way to introduce your four favorite characters to even the youngest of kids: a sweet bedtime story .

While the book isn’t due to be released until June 28, 2022, we’re hitting that pre-order button faster than Rose can launch into a long-winded St. Olaf story.

“Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose are having a sleepover!” the book’s description reads . “And, of course, they are having too much fun to go to sleep.” Featuring Stan, Miles, and cheesecake — and promising “Easter eggs and nods to iconic show gags” including Shady Pines — you can just tell it’s going to be packed with the iconic references that define The Golden Girls.

From the show’s official title font, to the tropical wallpaper, to Dorothy’s signature furrowed brow and Sophia’s ever-present wicker purse, even the cover itself is a goldmine of Golden Girls personality.


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The Golden Girls tackled tough issues before its time. It showed us all that there is no age limit on living your absolute best life. It taught us that circumstances may come and go, but true friendship is everlasting. And, maybe most importantly, it gave us a timeless source of belly laughs, whether we watched new episodes in our grandparents’ living room in the ’80s or enjoy a present-day binge on Amazon Prime Video.

Make Goodnight, Girls a part of your kids’ nightly routine at an early age, and introduce them to four of the most beloved characters in entertainment history. Because raising the next generation of Golden Girls fans depends on us.

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