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Why Shaun White ‘Would Love’ To Be a Dad Someday: ‘A New Chapter’

As American snowboarder Shaun White prepares for the Beijing 2022 Olympics, the three-time gold medalist is setting his sights on a new goal: becoming a dad. In a new interview with Us Weekly, White opened up about his desire to be a father someday and start “a new chapter.”

“I would love to be a dad,” the athlete said. “It’s just something that seems so exciting, you know? I love being around people, and I love the idea of having someone other than my own pursuits to look after.”

White has been dating actress Nina Dobrev since early 2020.

He “definitely” wants children after seeing his brother, Jesse, and sister, Kari, enter parenthood, explained White. “That’s what excites me is watching my siblings with their families,” he told Us Weekly. “Their families keep growing. Christmas is now so exciting again, all these little things. I get videos like, ‘Oh, they had a Popsicle for the first time. Look at the mess.’”

After spending so many years dedicated to snowboarding — he first competed in the 2006 winter Olympics in Italy at just 19-years-old — White is open to a new challenge.

“There are just so many things to learn and so many things to know. There is such a responsibility,” he added. “For a guy like myself that’s really poured his everything into one aspect of life, which is competing in snowboarding, I feel like over the years, I’ve gathered a more well-rounded life with other things going on. Something like that just seems like an amazing turning of the page, a new chapter… I wanna take this on.”

Good luck! We can’t wait to see the cute family snowboarding pictures White will surely share in the future.

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