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Jessica Alba & Cash Warren Welcome Two New Members To Their Family: ‘Mama of Five’

We’re only a little over two weeks into 2022 and Jessica Alba already added two new members to the family! On Jan 14, Alba posted a series of photos featuring two new members of the family: two jaw-droppingly adorable puppies! She posted the photos with the caption, “& all the sudden – I became a mama of 5… meet our new babies Dolly and Lucy (short for Lucille and Dolores).”

In the first photo, we see Alba, her husband Cash Warren, their three children, and their two new puppies, presumably in their backyard. In the next photo, Alba looking at her daughter Haven holding the two sleeping puppies. The third photo is of the two scruffy pups and the last photo is of one of her children looking at the puppies playing in the backyard.

Alba and Warren met back in 2004, marrying four years later, and now have three children together: Honor Marie, 13, Haven Garner, 10, and Hayes, 4.

In an interview with Verywell Parenting, Alba talked about how, when she became a parent, she had to learn what her parenting style is. “A lot of parenting stuff has a lot to do with your own stuff. My parents weren’t very regimented. They didn’t have a lot of routines, and they weren’t really that strict. So me having any routine was already 100% different than how I was raised.”

She added, “You have to take a little bit of a laissez-faire approach to parenting because kids are not robots. They’re not an Apple computer that’s going to have an update every couple of months.”

With two pups in the mix, we have no doubt she’ll make a puppy-based regimen as well!

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