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Christina Ricci Shares a Rare Baby Photo Of Firstborn Son Freddie For This Instagram Trend

Proud mama Christina Ricci has been blessing our timelines with pictures of newborn Cleo, but this time, firstborn Freddie make an appearance on Ricci’s Instagram.

On Jan 13, Ricci posted a throwback photo to her Instagram story of her firstborn Frederick “Freddie” Heerdegen — and it’s an adorable newborn photo. A popular Instagram story trend right now is to post the first photo from your “favorites” album to your story for everyone to see. Ricci posted her first photo with the caption, “First photo from the favorites file. Baby Freddie Xmas 2014.”

Lazy loaded image
Instagram Instagram.

The photo is of baby Freddie with a Santa hat and a matching, striped onesie, next to a twinkling Christmas tree.

The Yellowjackets star has full custody of son Freddie, 7, who she had with ex-husband James Heerdegen. She also has another child, a daughter named Cleo born on Dec 2021 with her new husband Mark Hampton.

Back in 2017, Ricci told People that motherhood made her a better person, “I didn’t realize how much growing up I had to do and how much better I could be… and my kid [has] really made me better.” Ricci added, “It’s my baby, and it’s changed my life the way a baby does.”

She then discussed how when she’s not working, she works at being a full-time mama. “When I’m not working, I try to be as full-time with him as I can be. Taking him to his play dates and nursery school.”

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