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Why Diane Kruger Is ‘So Glad’ She Didn’t Become a Mother In Her 30s: ‘I Would Have Absolutely Resented It’

Becoming a mother is challenging at any age, but actress and former model Diane Kruger recently opened up about why she is “so glad” she waited until she was older to have a baby. Kruger became a mom at age 42 to a daughter, now 3, (whose name has never been publicly disclosed) with fiancé Norman Reedus.

Kruger recently opened up to the Sunday Telegraph explaining per People, “I am so glad I did not have a kid at 30. I think I would have absolutely resented it for all the things that you have to give up, because today I am happy to do so.”

She added that now, as a mom in her mid-40s, “I have been to every party, I have been to every country that I wanted to visit. So I’m 100 percent ready and willing to give my kid that attention. But at 30, I know I would not have been ready to do this properly.”

Kruger has been notoriously private about her daughter, but she did share a super rare photo of her and Reedus on Instagram last month. The photo showed the two on the couch with the caption: “My forever gang. Happy New Year everyone….let’s stay positive.” 

In December, The 355 actress shared with Women’s Health how different her life has been since welcoming her daughter.

“Everything changed with motherhood — it’s such a cliché, but it’s true,” she told the outlet. “The way I look at work is different. I love to work; in fact, I cherish it more today than I did before, but at the same time, you look at everything from a different angle. It’s not: What’s it going to do for my career? It’s more about: Could it fit into my schedule? How can I make it work? Is it going to be worthwhile?” Later, she added, “Things just change when you have a family. You want to keep everyone together.”

We love seeing this honest perspective normalizing parenthood at any age!

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