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Diane Kruger Shares Super Rare Snapshot Of 3-Year-Old Daughter & Partner Norman Reedus

Diane Kruger is beautiful, talented, and an amazing mama. However, she’s quite private about her family life, so this new, super rare photo of her daughter has us psyched.

On Dec 31, Kruger posted a rare glimpse of her daughter and superstar husband Norman Reedus with the caption, “Verified My forever gang. Happy New Year everyone….let’s stay positive.”

In the photo, we see her daughter, whose name has never been disclosed, and her long-time lover Reedus looking at a fireplace, only being able to see the back of their heads.

Kruger is a very private parent. It’s been two years and we still don’t know her baby’s name. So whenever she posts a glimpse of her daughter, we can’t help but get excited. The last time she did so was back in Nov 2021.

She posted a selfie of her and her daughter, with the caption, “Living a postcard with eyes wide open.” But her daughter is preoccupied with the hundreds of pigeons nearby.

Back in 2015, Kruger met Reedus on the set of the drama film Sky, and within a year, they started dating. Then, in 2018, they gave birth to their daughter.

In an interview with Women’s Health per Yahoo, Kruger said becoming a mother truly changed everything, including her entire mindset. “Everything changed with motherhood — it’s such a cliché, but it’s true. The way I look at work is different. I love to work; in fact, I cherish it more today than I did before, but at the same time, you look at everything from a different angle. It’s not: What’s it going to do for my career? It’s more about: Could it fit into my schedule? How can I make it work? Is it going to be worthwhile?”

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