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Gabrielle Union Shares Adorable Video of 3-Year-Old Daughter Kaavia Talking on a Pink Phone

Babies acting like mini adults never fails to delight, which is why Gabrielle Union’s latest video of her 3-year-old daughter, Kaavia James, is absolutely amazing. The video, which was posted to Kaavia’s own Instagram account Wednesday run by her mom and dad, Dwayne Wade, shows the “Shady Baby” lying on her stomach, feet in the air behind her, and propped up on her elbows. She is holding a pink toy phone and can be heard talking to another kid.


In the video, you can see Kaavia listening to a bunch of gibberish on the end, while looking around, then saying, “OK bye!” The post’s location is tagged “A Mess” with text over it: “Why I don’t answer my phone. In 2022, text me.” The post is also captioned, “As per my last email of 2021, TEXT ME!”

My cheeks hurt from smiling so much at this adorable video! And also, I can totally relate! I mean, who wants to listen to someone jabbering on a cell phone when you can get your point across just as easily over text? Kaavia James has my New Year’s resolutions all figured out with this one post!

This isn’t the first time Kaavia has looked totally unimpressed in photos and videos posted by her mom. On December 10, Union posted a photo of her daughter giving serious side-eye while she was getting her hair done.

Right now, the family is celebrating Christmas in Hawaii, where Kaavia has been having a great time hanging out in waterfalls, working out with her mom and more. It looks like they are having an awesome vacation!

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