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Serena Williams’ Daughter Olympia Is Totally Her Mini-Me in Adorable Twinning Video

Even though Olympia Ohanian is a social media star in her own right, we must be honest — we love when her mama, Serena Williams, lets her baby girl steal the spotlight on her own accounts. Case in point: The tennis champ just shared the sweetest video of the duo’s morning dance session, and it’s clear that the 4-year-old is the true star of the show.

Williams shared the video on her Instagram page, captioning the clip, “My morning 🤣.” Donning matching t-shirts and the cutest pink skirts we’ve ever seen, the proud mama sat behind her baby girl as she showed off her dance moves, with both sporting a fun filter that added sunglasses and matching hair bows that looked flawless with their coordinated outfits. Olympia even rocked her mom’s signature beaded braids, looking like a true style star in the making.

Laughing as her little lady broke it down, Williams realized it was Olympia’s time to shine, stepping away and saying, “Wait, I don’t need to be in the camera. You’ve got too much pizzazz, man.” As for Olympia, well, she wasn’t dismayed — in fact, she just kept on showing off her moves solo like a true pro.

Olympia has no doubt been stealing her famous mom’s thunder a lot lately — not only is she already a red carpet pro, but these two truly have the twinning thing down pat. Olympia is fully Williams’ adorable mini-me, and it’s clear they have so much fun together whether they’re glamming it up for the red carpet or just enjoying a morning dance-off in the living room.

Here’s hoping these two have the best day together, and we’re taking notes. Because any day that starts off with a living room dance party is the kind of day we want to have, too.

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