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Bindi Irwin & Husband Chandler Powell Finally Shared a Festive Photo Of Grace Warrior’s First Christmas

Every year, we love seeing celebrities show photos of their baby’s first Christmas. And this year, we’re obsessing over Bindi Irwin’s baby girl Grace Warrior. As a little Christmas present, Bindi and her husband Chandler Powell posted a photo of Grace, with a super heartwarming caption.

On Dec 24, Bindi posted a festive and adorable photo of Grace’s first Christmas (and first Christmas portrait) to her profile ― and everyone’s losing it at the cuteness overload. She posted it with the caption stating, “Celebrating 9 months with this cutie on Christmas Day.”

She then went into all the things that have happened to Grace over her nine months of life, saying, “There is so much happening in Grace Warrior’s life: Crawling, Two teeth, Getting herself from laying to sitting, Waving, High fives, Clapping, Eating solids like a champion, Loves saying ‘Dada,’ Best friends are Fergo the cassowary chick & Igloo the tortoise, Also discovered that playing with wrapping paper is her favorite!”

It’s hard to believe that Grace is already nine months old, especially since it feels like she was born only yesterday. And it also feels like she was marveling at a Christmas tree yesterday. But about three weeks ago, Bindi showed a video of Grace reacting fondly to a Christmas tree on her Instagram.

But as a first Christmas, we think this was clearly a success. And we also think she definitely will enjoy the future ones yet to come.

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