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Gabrielle Union & Kaavia James Share Adorable Video ‘Working Out To Work Through The Funk’

No matter what your workout philosophy might be, it’s a universal truth that working out with a buddy makes getting your sweat on so much more fun than going for it solo. But sometimes your workout partner gives you a run for your money, as Gabrielle Union learned when she teamed up with her 3-year-old daughter Kaavia James, who did not come to play during the joint sweat session.

Union recently shared a clip of the pair’s mommy-daughter workout, and while they made sure to hit just about every muscle group from head to toe, it was Kaavia who was running the show.

“Working out to work through the funk with @kaaviajames 🥰🖤💪🏾,” Union captioned the clip, which showed the actress donning an all-black workout set, while her little one opted for a festive onesie with rainbow stripes. First, the pair tackled arms, each grabbing a set of free weights as Union understandably was cracking up at her too-cute-for-words personal trainer lifting her little weights like a total boss.

They then moved onto a sideways shuffle with resistance bands for an added challenge on their calves, and while Union stayed fierce and focused, Kaavia added her own personality with some fun hops and jumps for good measure. They finished with some cardio by running in place, but not before Kaavia interrupted to hit the great outdoors. “Oh, you wanna like take the running on the road?” asked Union, who looked low-key exhausted by her pint-sized partner in sweat.

It certainly seems like keeping up with Kaavia is no joke for Union and her husband, Dwyane Wade, with whom she also shares Zaire, 19, Zaya, 14, and Xavier, 8 from Wade’s previous relationships. They’ve definitely got their hands full with their youngest, though, and it seems like she runs a tight ship in and out of the gym.

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