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Bindi Irwin Shared the Cutest Family Video of Baby Grace’s ‘Beautiful Day’

If stepping outside into the fresh air and enjoying a little sunshine is your idea of a “beautiful day,” you’re not alone. Bindi Irwin just shared a snippet from a family trip on a hike in the mountains, and while everyone seemed to have a blast, it’s baby Grace Warrior who seemed to have the most fun of all.

Set to the sounds of Joshua Radin’s song “Beautiful Day,” Irwin captioned the minute-long clip, aptly, “Our beautiful day.” Overlooking some stunning greenery in the mountains, the new mama can be seen pointing out the view to her eight-month-old daughter, who looks to be loving every second, based on her sweet smiles and curious eyes.

Joined by her mom, Terri Irwin, and her husband, Chandler Powell, the family got plenty of snuggle time in with baby Grace, perched upon the rocks overlooking a stunning flowing stream below. With perfectly marshmallow fluffy clouds and a crystal blue sky, it’s clear the foursome enjoyed the fresh air, green trees, and jaw-dropping view during their nature hike together.

The family no doubt loves taking baby Grace on all their adventures, with Powell recently sharing a scenic shot and calling her the “best adventure buddy in the world.” She hasn’t even turned one yet and she’s already embarked on international travels and met exotic animals, proving that the Irwin family legacy of embracing adventure is sure to live on as Gracie begins growing up.

Of course, like any tot her age, she’s just as enamored by the little things, such as seeing her very first Christmas tree recently. It seems like she’s all about soaking up every new, exciting moment — and we love that her mom and dad are game to share them with us on social media. So precious!

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