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Tiger Woods’ Son Charlie Is Dad’s Mini Me On the Golf Course & It’s So Cute

Tiger Woods’ son Charlie is only 12 years old, but he already looks as confident as his famous dad on the golf course! On a video posted to Twitter from the official PGA Tour account on Dec. 14, Woods is shown footage of his son playing golf, and he can’t help but smile at the similarities in their playing style!

The video, which already has 4.4 million views, shows a producer handing Woods a phone and saying, “Tap the screen.” Then, it shows clips of Woods and Charlie playing golf. In the first adorable shot, both dad and son are wearing red polo shirts and black pants, with one hand on their golf club and the other on their hip as they survey the course. It’s so stinking cute how similar they are!

The next clip shows both players unwrapping their glove the same way, followed by a clip of father and son swinging a golf club then stepping back to watch their ball’s progress through the air. In between clips, Woods is seen just smiling and trying not to cry — he can’t help it, he’s such a proud dad!

Other similarities that cement Charlie’s position as his dad’s mini me include both of them leaning back with one foot raised to look over the course, both twirling their club the same way, and both picking up the tee the same way after a shot.

In the video, Woods says, “Two things that stick out: the timing of the twirls and the pick up of the tee.” Later he adds, “He’s got it!” while laughing.

Another thing Woods noticed? The “nose thing” they both have, referring to swiping at their nose while walking to the next tee. Woods explained, “We both have allergies, so we both struggle on the golf course. We get like wind blowing or we’re sniffling…just that little thing that we both have.”

The sweet video ends with a victory punch after completing a shot that makes them happy.

Woods and his son are playing in the PNC Championship, a 36-hole event that begins Dec. 18 in Orlando for major champions and a family member. They played in the event last year, tying for seventh place. This will be the first time Woods will play competitively since his Feb. 23 car crash that left him hospitalized. We wish the father-son duo the best of luck!

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