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Hilary Duff’s Husband Matthew Koma Jokes About Pregnancy Speculation Over New Photo: ‘Baby Crazies’

It’s no surprise that Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma make adorable babies. Just look at these sweet fall photos of Mae James, now 8 months old! Duff also shares daughter Banks, 3, with Koma, as well as son Luca, 9, with ex-husband Mike Comrie.

So, can you blame fans for hoping that the married couple is expecting another baby?

Last night, Duff posted an Instagram photo of her and Koma sitting on a plane, turned toward each other with Duff closing her eyes. After she wrote, “Leaving for a little bit…the 3 of us” with a smiley face emoji, followers exploded with speculation: “Not me thinking this was a pregnancy announcement,” “PREGNANT AGAIN?! YASSSSSSS!” and “Congrats!” were among the numerous comments.

Unfortunately for fans, Duff was not posting a pregnancy announcement, as Koma clarified. The singer-songwriter swooped in to clarify the situation, writing under the pic, “@stephanjenkins where you at” and “She’s talking about @stephanjenkinssitting behind us you baby crazies,” referring to the Third Eye Blind musician Stephan Jenkins who was seated behind them.  

Later, Koma posted his own selfie of the couple, with the caption, “Just the three of us (Stephan’s version)” while tagging their location as “It’s just a joke.” Commenters were quick to laugh, writing, “Calling out the ‘baby crazies’ then posting for the ‘baby crazies.'”

We love that Koma is weighing in on pregnancy speculation, as it usually falls to women to clarify or defend themselves against such rumors.

And this isn’t the first time the two have joked about having another baby. On Aug. 31, Koma posted a funny picture of Duff holding newborn Mae with the caption, “One of my favorite pictures of wifey somewhere between supremely fulfilled, exhausted, and why the f–k are you taking my photo. She started her new show this week and it’s so rad watching her kick into that mode. It’s easy to forget when she’s nailing it as a mama bear, wife, family psychologist and chicken lady, that she was first an absolute ace at what she was born to do. A really f–king cool magic trick. This show is gonna be epic.” This was followed by a summary of Duff’s Subway order “to keep her grounded.”

At the time, Duff commented, “Oh you’re gunna get it. This is bound to get him baby No. 4 and Subway night 3 tonight.”

Their sense of humor is great — we love how they joke and interact with fans (even if we are secretly hoping they will have another baby one day!).

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