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Eva Longoria Says Son Santiago Loves Getting ‘Dirty’ In the Kitchen: ‘You Want Them to Be Curious’

As it turns out, a clean kitchen is not the sign of a happy toddler! That’s according to Eva Longoria who is embracing her son Santiago’s creativity and all the mess it entails. In a December 10 interview with Us Weekly, Longoria said that her son, 3, with husband José Bastón is currently living his best life in the “stressful threes.”

Santiago is “explorational and wants to do everything and jump on everything in every moment,” Longoria told the outlet. As a parent of an almost 3-year-old myself, I can definitely relate! This is a crazy, wild, and fun age, and it sounds like Longoria is doing her best to soak it all in.

The actress explained that she “really loves” watching her son “experimenting” at home: “People are you like, ‘I can’t believe you let him cook with you and, like, break eggs and get dirty.’ He even covered the entire kitchen in flour, but I think it’s great. He’s playing with textures…That’s the human being you want to raise, you know? You want them to be curious and question things and not just take things for face value.”

Longoria also highlighted the “easy” newborn stage in the interview, adding, “I should have enjoyed that stage more. That was the easy stage. Like, they’re not mobile. They’re not talking. Now, he’s, like, all over the place. We haven’t really flown with him [amid the coronavirus pandemic] because he’s gonna lick everything in the plane. Before, he was a newborn that just slept. I should have traveled more.”

Despite the challenges (and messiness!) of toddlerhood, Longoria still considers her son’s current age to be her “favorite” adding, “Every stage that comes up is more enjoyable [than the last]…It was challenging [before, but now], I’m not as tired. I’m more like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I’ve got to be present because his little mind is informed.’”

This is such a beautiful way to look at kids growing up, learning, and exploring!

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