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Amy Schumer Shares Hilarious Kitchen Fail While Cooking Grilled Cheese for Son Gene

No matter how savvy you are in the kitchen, we all sometimes have cooking fails — even when attempting to make the simplest of menu items. Case in point: Amy Schumer, who attempted to cook her two-year-old son Gene a grilled cheese sandwich, failed so miserably even her husband — a professional chef — couldn’t help her out.

Schumer shared the hilarious clip on Instagram, revealing that she’d somehow gotten the sandwich trapped in the skillet. “I tried to make Gene a grilled cheese,” she shared with followers, as her husband, Chris Fischer, filmed. “The lid is stuck, and truly, there is nothing anyone can do to try and get it out,” she said as she abrasively banged the entire pan, lid-side down, onto the countertop.

Fischer replied, “Don’t break the counter,” with Schumer prodding, “You try.” She then began filming his attempt to free the sandwich, which involved him stabbing the sides of the lids with the back of a wooden cooking utensil. “This is my method,” he said.

“No, okay. Does anyone have any tips for us?” she pleaded at the end of the clip.

Schumer’s fans and famous friends alike quickly took to the comments section to help her out, with suggestions serious and funny alike. One fan quipped, “Throw it harder.” Another joked, “If Chris’s guns [arms] couldn’t save it, nothing can.”

Both Michelle Pfeiffer and Leslie Mann suggested that she “put it in the freezer to cool it down,” with a fan replying to Pfeiffer that the freezer “will reduce the pressure causing more vacuum. It will cool the lid and the pan at the same time. Heat the lid with hot water or chill just the lid.”

It’s unclear whether or not Schumer was finally able to free the sandwich from its shackles, although she did reply to a fan who suggested she run water over it or place it in cool water.

Of course, adding to the hilarity of it all is the fact that Schumer is sporting a Suburban Riot sweatshirt that reads “NOT TODAY” in the video, which we’d say perfectly sums up her grilled cheese experience. Poor Gene! Here’s hoping he was able to enjoy a grilled cheese in the end — for the record, if we were married to a professional chef, we’d never even step foot near a stove, so we give Schumer endless credit for giving it a go even if it wasn’t a success.

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