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Brie Bella Reveals Her ‘Big Failing Moment As A Mother’

Nikki and Brie Bella, better known as the Bella Twins, are in sync with almost every aspect of their lives — and yep, that includes motherhood. While the retired wrestlers turned reality stars promoted the return of their podcast, The Bellas, Brie revealed a parenting “failing moment” that she has mixed feelings about. 

In a Nov. 29 interview on E! News’ Daily Pop segment, Brie told a hilarious story about her 4-year-old daughter, Birdie, who she shares with husband Bryan Danielson (along with son Buddy), that is all too familiar for parents. “I was driving to school, and I was going the speed limit,” Brie said. “I had both my kids in the car, and all of a sudden, I hear honk, honk! So I look in the rearview mirror, and I’m looking, and the lady starts flickering her lights. She goes to pass me, so as she did, I just was like, ‘Fuck you!’ and I flipped her off. So then Birdie turns and goes, ‘Fuck you!’” 

When host Morgan Stewart McGraw asked if it was hard not to laugh after hearing her daughter say a curse word for the first time, Brie got candid about her mixed emotions. “Oh yes, it was really hard,” Brie laughed. “There was a part of me that was a little proud because she had mommy’s back, but then a big part of me was like ‘oh my gosh, this just was like a big failing moment as a mother.’ But it was cute.” 

Whether she believes in letting her kids swear or not, Brie joins other celebrity moms who aren’t afraid to share their highs and lows of motherhood — fails and all.  

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