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America Ferrera Shares Her Sweet ‘Weekend Tradition’ with Son Sebastian: ‘I Let Him Do My Makeup & His Own Makeup’

As a newly-minted face of CoverGirl, America Ferrera wishes she could have a “time machine,” so she could “go let Little America know she’s not too much of this, or too little of that,” she wrote on Instagram, adding, “Nah, baby girl, you’re a CoverGirl!!”

In an interview with People announcing her new partnership with the iconic cosmetics brand, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star explains what her new gig means to her, as a Latina who “didn’t really grow up seeing [herself] reflected in beauty standards anywhere,” as well as her 3½-year-old son Sebastian, who already shares her love of all things glam.

Ferrera told the magazine about the adorable weekend tradition she shares with her eldest child: makeovers with his mama. “He gets to go into my bathroom and we take out all my makeup and I let him do my makeup and do his own makeup,” she said.

“Really, we just draw and have lots of crazy squiggles all over our faces. He did ask to cut my hair, and I said, ‘Absolutely not,'” Ferrera added. “But it’s already fun for us to get to share it, and it’s already a form of expression and that’s what I want it to stay for them.”

Though Ferrera says her 18-month-old daughter Lucia is still “a little young” to get in on the mother-son glam sessions, the actress hopes her little ones will develop a relationship to makeup that offers them “the freedom to express themselves however they want to.”

“I just want them to always feel free to express themselves playfully and in a way that makes them happy,” she said. “And not ever have a relationship to it that’s about meeting expectations or fulfilling an expectation. But use these things in ways that help you express who you are and make you feel great, or don’t use them at all.”

It’s clear the partnership makes Ferrera proud. As told People, “I didn’t really grow up seeing myself reflected in beauty standards anywhere. The fact that at this point, that narrative is expanding, is really momentous and surreal for me to get to say out loud, ‘I’m a CoverGirl.’ It’s crazy.”

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