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Jenna Dewan Gushes Over Daughter Everly’s ‘Beautiful Bond’ With Fiancé Steve Kazee

When it comes to co-parenting, it seems like Jenna Dewan and her ex-husband, Channing Tatum, have it all figured out. Not only has Tatum reportedly introduced the former couple’s eight-year-old daughter, Everly, to his current girlfriend, Zoë Kravitz, but it seems that Everly is getting along swimmingly with Dewan’s fiancé, Tony Award winner Steve Kazee.

In fact, Dewan recently told Us Weekly exclusively that Everly has a “beautiful bond” with Kazee, noting that she plans on highlighting their special bond in their upcoming wedding, of which most plans are still TBD.

“We are still in the planning, talking about it mode. It’s all being worked out. There are a lot of [things going on]. We’re busy with work,” Dewan shared.

Last month, the former World of Dance co-host told Hollywood Life a bit more about everything going on in their lives over the past two years, adding, “It has of course been a crazy last two years with COVID and we had our baby, Callum, so there is no rush for us.”

Dewan and Kazee welcomed Callum, now 20-months-old, during the early weeks of the global pandemic, but it seems that all are settling nicely into life as a family of four. Of Callum, the dancer explained, “He was born to do anything and everything his older sister does. He wants to be in every room she’s in. … She loves him, and it’s adorable. They have a cute little relationship because of the age difference so they’re kind of buddied up. … She loves when he is a little naughty. She loves helping out. She thinks he’s so cute.”

And it seems that Mom is adjusting to having a “really wild” toddler in the house, telling the magazine, “He’s active. From the second he opens his eyes to the second he finally goes to sleep at night, he’s nonstop and go, go, go. Weirdly, he is extremely obsessed with basketball, so we got him a basketball hoop in our backyard. … He’s just obsessed.” So yeah, it’s safe to say she’s got plenty on her plate these days… so it makes sense if wedding plans have taken a backseat to basketball and snuggles with her sweet crew.

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