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Ashley Graham Is Serving ‘Hot Biker Mom’ Looks In This Stunning Snap Of Her Twin Bump In a Fendi Bodysuit

Only Ashley Graham could pull off a “hot biker mom” look this many months pregnant (with twins!), and it’s not the first time the model has shown off her bump — the mom-to-be proudly posted a post-workout video demonstrating her hard work earlier this month at the gym, too. The recent photo in question is one of five shots on her Instagram page that feature the model and her twin baby bump on full display — and she looks absolutely amazing. 

In the first photo, a long-haired Graham can be seen in a pink Fendi bodysuit with a black leather coat. One hand is holding her baby bump while the other is clutching a small-sized black Birkin bag. It appears that Graham is standing in a garage, as she poses in front of two motorcycles. “hot biker mom or matrix baddie??” the model wrote in her Instagram caption. 

The next shot is a more smiley Graham, who has one leg up on a doorframe, displaying matching black ankle-high boots (uh, mom goals, much?). For the third photo, Graham is holding her boxy Birkin bag so that it covers her face, with an elevator as the background. The last two snaps focus on her vibrant Fendi bodysuit and twin baby bump — a truly show-stopping combo.

Graham’s body positive mindset is a whole mood, and exactly the type of inspiration every mom needs — pregnant or not. Whether she’s rocking her bump in a sultry bikini photo shoot or getting candid about her positive relationship with her changing body, we applaud Graham for her confidence. And we wouldn’t mind raiding her closet for some pregnancy outfit inspo, either! 

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