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​​Pink Credits ‘Cuddles From My Kiddos’ With Helping Her Heal From Hip Surgery

One of the hardest parts of parenting is recovering—from birth or burnout, a cold or a late night — or, as Pink recently learned, from surgery. 

The 42-year-old singer and mom of two is known for her show-stopping acrobatic moves on stage, but that level of physicality does take its toll. Pink is grounded, for the time being, recovering from a recent hip surgery. “This is what 9 hours of sleep and cuddles from my kiddos looks like 7 days post hip surgery,” the mother-of-two captioned a selfie on Instagram

Pink has not publicly stated the cause of her hip injury, but revealed that the first week of healing was “brutal” and “full of tears,” pain medication, fevers and depression. She credits her husband, Carey Hart, with taking care of her body while the couple’s two children,  Willow and Jameson, took care of her heart. 

Pink expects to be on crutches for the next six weeks, and says her “journey will be quick and intentional,” and that she plans to have a full recovery. 

As a wealthy person, Pink has the ability to take the time she needs for her recovery. Not only does she have Hart by her side, handing her phone chargers and bottles of water, but the couple also has the means to hire help, like childcare, in times like these. For other moms in the United States, recovering from surgery is even harder, because not all workers qualify for medical leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act , meaning some moms cannot take as much time as they need to recover from an operation or other medical issues…if they get to have the surgery at all.  As The New York Times reports, “[s]hort-term disability insurance pays for medical leave in some cases, but only about half of workers qualify. And women, workers of color, and low-income Americans are less likely to have it.” 

Pink knows how lucky she is, and says she is “never not completely grateful” for the privileges she has, which include seeing the best doctors available…and receiving healing cuddles from her two adorable kids. 

These celebrity moms make us all feel better when they share the highs and lows of parenting.

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