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Kirsten Dunst Reveals Sleep Training Challenges With Son James: ‘I’m Hanging On By A Thread’

Only Kirsten Dunst can show up in full glam after a night of sleep training her 7-month-old son, James — who she shares with fiancé Jesse Plemons — and look like she clocked a full eight hours. Still, the actor (who is also mom to 3-year-old son Ennis) is making it known that she’s undoubtedly tired like the rest of us parents from the challenges that sleep training can pose. 

“I’ve been sleep training a seven-month-old so I had a crying baby all night last night so I’m hanging on by a thread,” Dunst said during a Nov. 17 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live while promoting her new film, The Power of the Dog. “He was so good and then last night it was like the shit hit the fan. I was sleeping a half hour in between shoving a pacifier in his mouth.”  

Dunst also joked about the nickname she came up with for her second child, and revealed just how on-the-go he really is. “We call him ‘Big Kahuna,'” she laughed. “He’s 22 pounds for a seven-month-old!” Although baby James might have had a rough night while sleep training, the mom of two noted his energetic daytime demeanor. “All he wants to do is bounce, walk, be like his brother and walk around,” she said. “He just wants to walk and run, he doesn’t even know what crawling is.”  

The Emmy-nominated actor isn’t the first celeb to practice sleep training. How can we forget the time Nikki Bella caused an Internet uproar when she tried the method with her then 6-week-old son, Mateo? Ant Anstead has also been open about the struggles he’s faced while sleep training his 2-year-old son, Hudson. However, other celebrities have shared their sleep training success stories, like Brittany Matthews’ and NFL fiancé Patrick Mahomes’ baby Sterling, who slept a full 12 hours a night by six months as a result — and Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, who tried sleep training sons Silas and Phin when they were infants.

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