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Halle Berry Admits Co-Parenting Her Children Makes Her Feel ‘Guilty’

As a mom of two with a busy career, Halle Berry certainly knows how to juggle plenty of things on her plate. But in a new interview with Women’s Health, she’s opening up about the parenting concerns she sought the help of a therapist for, sharing that she feels “guilty” trying to navigate co-parenting with two of her exes.

The Oscar-winning actress shares her 13-year-old daughter Nahla with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and her eight-year-old son Maceo with her ex-husband Olivier Martinez. Now that she’s coupled up with musician Van Hunt, it seems she’s trying to balance caring for her kids as much as she can while only seeing them half the time.

“I have two different daddies [Aubry and Martinez], and I see [my kids] half the time,” she told the magazine, sharing that she’s sought professional counseling to help her strike the right balance. “That’s a lot to manage. So, I have to go sometimes to talk to people to help me figure out, ‘How do I make the best decisions for my children? How do I help them deal with this life that we — my dads and I — have given them?’ I feel guilty a lot. You think, God, I should’ve done better. But at the same time, I’m reminded that we always have to take care of ourselves first, because I can’t be a good mother for my children if I’m not fundamentally happy and feeling good about myself.”

Berry no doubt speaks to the guilt that plenty of parents feel over trying to give their kids endless love and support while also caring for themselves. Even if Berry doesn’t have it all figured out (and truly, who does?!), she did share one incredible pearl of wisdom she seemingly tries to live by: “We may not be able to have everything all the time, but we can have all things that matter throughout this life.”

These celebrity moms make us all feel better when they share the highs and lows of parenting.

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