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Whitney Port Explains Why She’s Reluctant to Accept Congratulations For Her Pregnancy

It feels like Whitney Port has been our own sounding board for advice ever since she made her debut as Lauren Conrad’s co-worker-turned-moral-compass on The Hills. Now that she’s a mom to 4-year-old Sonny, whom she shares with husband Tim Rosenman, Port has also shared plenty of insight about parenting and pregnancy — but this time, she’s opening up about first-trimester struggles during her current pregnancy with baby number two. 

Port announced her pregnancy in a Nov. 3 video on her YouTube channel, Whitney Port. “I’m currently seven weeks pregnant, which is supposed to be really exciting, obviously, and it has been up until yesterday,” the designer tells the camera as she fights back tears. “I’ve been going to the doctor, and monitoring it, because of my history with miscarriages. I’ve had two miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy. And everything was looking good up until yesterday.”

The With Whit podcaster didn’t have any definitive answers at the time about the state of her pregnancy. “But the moral of the story is that this is likely another unhealthy pregnancy,” she said. 

Port is still opening up about her pregnancy as she moves along though the first trimester — and even though she’s trying to stay positive, she admits it’s tough to receive excitement about the news. “It’s so hard for me to even accept a ‘congratulations’ just because I’m still so early in the game,” Port said in a Nov. 16 interview with People about her holiday gift guide with Amazon Lifestyle. “I’m still in my first trimester, which I know is something that not a lot of people really share this early on.”

The Hills: New Beginning star knows that the first trimester isn’t always a guarantee for a healthy pregnancy — she opened up about one of her own miscarriages back in January. Still, she and Rosenman are trying to be optimistic this time around. “Everything is still touch and go week by week as women know when they’re going through pregnancy,” Port told People. “The first trimester, really anything can happen. But things seem to be moving along and progressing so we’re staying hopeful.”

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