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‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Cover Star Tracee Ellis Ross’ Proud Pop Is Buying All the Copies — & It’s Pure #DadGoals

Parents are always proud of their babies — even when that baby is a 49-year-old TV star on the cover of a magazine.

Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross graces the cover of the current issue of Harper’s Bazaar, and she recently shared a sweet video on Instragram of her visit to a Barnes & Noble newsstand with her incredibly proud father, music executive Robert Ellis Silberstein, who did his part to ensure the issue will be a best-seller.

In a video posted to Instagram, Ellis Silberstein can be seen grabbing as many copies of the magazine as he can, while his daughter eggs him on.

With his arms absolutely loaded with copies, father and daughter head to the till.

“I’m on the cover,” Ellis Ross explains to the cashier from behind her face mask, with her beaming dad standing behind her.

The cashier replies, “You’re on the cover?! You’re Tracee Ellis Ross! I couldn’t tell because of the mask!”

Silberstein posted pictures of the Barnes & Noble incident, as well as the magazine cover at the center of it, to his own Instagram account too.

The 75-year-old father and grandfather often posts photos of Ellis Ross and her siblings to his Instagram account, showing off his parental pride.

Ellis Ross doesn’t mind her father bragging about her online one bit, because she does the same for him.

When the two were forced to stay apart from one another due to covid, the actress penned an ode to her dad in an Instagram caption.

“I know you didn’t want me to tell everyone that but you are the most vibrant and joyful human I know and I love being your daughter. I love you soooo much and I can’t wait to hug you and laugh with you in person as soon as it’s safe [heart emoji] @bobellis333.”

In the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Ellis Ross explains, “My family is home for me. It’s an energetic connection that creates a sense of safety and groundedness, where I don’t have to wear any mask. I can just be myself.”

Clearly, having a close relationship with her father is part of that.

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