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Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Admit to Hilarious Potty-Training Woes With Their Daughter: ‘We Thought We Were Geniuses’

As any parent who has gone through the potty-training stage can tell you, it’s an experience that can test the patience of the calmest, cool, and collected among us. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard never fail to keep it real about the highs and lows of parenting, and the couple’s latest admission about the potty-training woes involving their second daughter is no exception.

At a recent press event for Hello Bello, their baby product company, the pair were asked if they have any potty-training advice for parents currently going through it. It seems Bell was quick to admit they’ve got “zero” tips, sharing that potty-training their eldest daughter, Lincoln, now 8, was a breeze, but it was Delta, now 6, that gave them a run for their money.

As Romper reported, the couple “had both ends of the potty training spectrum,” with Bell admitting they “didn’t do a single thing differently” with each child. Shepard shared, “I took [Lincoln] to pick out a potty, which was my mother’s suggestion. We said, ‘Hey, that’s your potty if you ever want to use it.’ She was in her high chair and she said ‘potty.’ We took her over there and she took her diaper off. We thought we were geniuses.”

Calling Lincoln “unbelievably responsible,” Bell added, “We did the same thing [with Delta], but she did not want to get out of the diaper. So it just depends on the kid.”

The pair have been open about their potty-training troubles with Delta, with Bell once sharing recently that she has no shame in admitting how long it’s taken her youngest daughter. “The reality is I have two very different children. One got potty-trained really early. One got potty-trained much later. Both of them are going to, I assume, graduate high school and be able to function in the world, and that will never be an issue.”

“I’m different from the person sitting next to me, and our children have the same differences, right? I just don’t buy into this idea that someone is allowed to shame you,” she added. And parents everywhere gave all the slow claps for that message, because we’re all just doing our best.

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