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Tori Spelling Says She Struggles with Mom Guilt While Caring For Five Kids: ‘Expectations Are Too Hard.’

Tori Spelling is an actor, podcaster, television host, and a mom of five — but it’s her ability to be brutally truthful about the struggles of motherhood that’s her biggest flex. The 90210MG co-host got real about the ups and downs she experiences while parenting 14-year-old son Liam Aaron, 13-year-old daughter Stella Doreen, 10-year-old daughter Hattie Margaret, 9-year-old son Finn Davey, and 4-year-old son Beau Dean, whom she shares with husband Dean McDermott — in an interview about motherhood with People

We can all relate to the desire to do it all — especially when it comes to our kiddos — and Spelling is no different. The Messyness host’s childhood experience being cared for by a nanny are partially what influenced her to take on parenting duties solo. “A lot of times, I find myself trying to do everything myself,” Spelling told People. “It’s really hard for me because I definitely grew up in a family where we had a lot of support around,” she confides. “I grew up with a nanny full-time, so I was always that girl that was like, ‘When I have kids, I’m going to do it all myself.’” 

Spelling says she still manages to get everything done, but she also takes advice when she’s feeling overwhelmed. “So I still do it all, but I’m still working on that,” she told the outlet. “It’s okay to ask for help.” When it comes to her support system, the actor sings the praises of her mom squad, telling People she has a “great friend group that I definitely can call and be like, ‘Hey, can you help me? I need support.’ And I think that’s always important, too.” 

Speaking of support, it sounds like Spelling could use some when it comes to the “super challenging” task of school drop-off — a reality for anyone who has multiple school-aged kids in different schools. Spelling revealed her schedule consists of “four drop-offs at four different schools”, a task that’s not easy even for the most seasoned of moms. It’s also nice to hear that even amid rumors McDermott and Spelling are calling it quits, the two still share responsibilities for their children. “But it’s all about teamwork,” she said. “Their dad and I split it up and it works out. But it’s a lot.”

That dreaded feeling of mom guilt can get the best of us mommas, even when we’re asking for help. Spelling knows the feeling all too well, sharing “we put so much pressure and guilt on ourselves that I think expectations are too hard.” The silver lining that gets her out of that mindset is refreshing, though. “As long as they’re happy, they’re healthy, they’re loved, at the end of the day, I’m like, ‘Okay. Some things fell through the cracks,” she says. “We didn’t get everything done. Tomorrow’s a new day.’ “

These celebrity moms make us all feel better when they share the highs and lows of parenting.

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