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Meghan Trainor Had the Best Take On This Common Parenting Advice

Even before she welcomed her first child back in February, Meghan Trainor has been unfailingly open about her experiences both as a wife to husband Daryl Sabara and now as a new mom to her son, Riley. (Remember last month’s side-by-side toilet admission? Yeah, Trainor definitely keeps it real.)

But she’s also all about reminding other new parents that they’re not alone in whatever worries and fears they might have amid the many changes that happen when you welcome a brand-new addition to your family.

True to form, Trainor dished about motherhood in a candid “Mom Confessions” interview for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, sharing the one piece of advice new parents often get that simply doesn’t hold true for her. “I was given a lot of advice before the making of my child, Riley, and a lot of people told me ‘Your life ends and it’s all about them now,’” she said. “But that’s not true. A warning: your life is about to get way better.”

Trainor added, “You’re about to be nicer to your body. You’re about to love yourself more so that you can live longer for your child. You’re about to see the world all over again, it’s great. So fair warning: It’s about to get great.”

The touching admission comes weeks after the singer admitted that she struggled with her relationship to her body immediately after giving birth due to all the physical changes she’d undergone from pregnancy to the postpartum period. But her sage advice will certainly help others who know how it feels to worry about losing their pre-parenthood selves after welcoming a child.

Trainor also shared her biggest parenting fail so far, revealing that her baby son was experiencing heat rash during walks in the California sun. When Trainor asked her pediatrician what was going on, he said, “’Oh, it’s a heat rash.'” She added, “So, I was boiling my son on my morning walks. So… don’t do that.”

It seems like Trainor is loving the most rewarding parts of parenting, spending time with baby Riley. “Every time I go and get him up from his crib when he’s risen from a nap, he gives me the biggest smile, like he’s the happiest ever just for my presence,” she said. ‘So being loved that hard has been the rewarding part. Him looking at me smiling like, ‘It’s YOU’ is just the best thing in the world.” So precious!

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