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Bindi Irwin Basically Just Gave Us All an Early Christmas Gift With This New Family Photo

Bindi Irwin shared a new family photo featuring the entire adorable Irwin gang, including 7-month-old baby Grace Warrior,  of course, and it might just be our favorite yet: The Irwin family is in full holiday splendor — as in modeling matching Christmas sweatshirts — at the Australia Zoo.

Well, almost the whole family. Irwin captioned the photo, “Clearly Robert didn’t get the memo,” referring to the fact that her brother dressed in his normal zoo uniform instead of the family’s holiday gear. The whole family (except for Robert!) is donning Christmas sweatshirts that say “Australia Zoo,” which is the zoo owned by Terri Irwin that has been in their family since the 70s.

Robert makes up for it by holding a koala bear (of course!). He also makes up for it on his own Instagram page, where he has been sharing lots of photos of his sister’s sweet family on their recent vacation to Tasmania. Robert Irwin even referred to himself as the “luckiest uncle ever” in an Instagram post wherein he shared a photo of himself and a grinning Grace Warrior.

Just when you start to think that this photo couldn’t be any more perfect, you notice that Grace Warrior, Powell and Irwin’s 7-month-old daughter, is offering up a big grin and even bigger wave. Grace’s middle name, Warrior, was chosen to honor Bindi’s father, wildlife conservationist Steve Irwin, who died while filming a documentary in 2006 at the age of 44.

While we can only hope that the family has plans to share more photos from holiday gatherings, this was a great early Christmas present.

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