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Iskra Lawrence Basically Wrote a Love Letter to Her Postpartrum Self & It’s a Must-Read for Moms 

Model Iskra Lawrence is basically the embodiment of body positivity, all around realness, and self love — and the rest of us moms are wondering if she could share just a sliver of that with us.

The British model and mother of a 1-year-old son, whom she shares with boyfriend Philip Payne, has often encouraged her social media followers to embrace their bodies. Lawrence clearly practices what she preaches, showing off her untouched, unedited curves in a lingerie campaign for Aerie and promoting body acceptance as a brand ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association.

So it’s no surprise that Lawrence’s positive, kindm and self-accepting approach has translated so well to her experience with motherhood — and it’s exactly the type of mindset all moms could benefit from.

In her recent Instagram post, to promote her new lifestyle brand Self Funding Planner, Lawrence reflected on her own postpartum journey and the rollercoaster ride of changes that her body, mind, and soul have endured. She perfectly describes comparing herself to other moms, feeling like a so-called failure, and the clear need for support during postpartum. And honestly, moms have probably never felt more seen.

“There are so many changes when you become a mother,” Lawrence wrote. “And I’m not just talking about the physical. . . mentally and emotionally, oh boy, there’s a lot! And no one can really help prepare you because every person is unique and every baby is unique.”

“What I’ve realized I can do to support myself is be my best friend. Remind myself daily that I’m doing great, even if it looks nothing like what I expected, or like other moms I see online or in real life that just seem to have it all together.

“It’s messy, beautiful but messy,” she added. “And that’s when my bestie (me) has to remind myself but YOU are not a mess.”

This isn’t the first time the model has gotten real about motherhood and postpartum life. “My whole life has changed in the most beautiful way because I’ve become a mother, but it has also coincided with a completely different life, a completely different kind of career,” Lawrence exclusively shared with SheKnows. “I went from having a very social life to being stuck at home and then stuck at home with a newborn.”

“You’ve got to give yourself grace, you’ve got to give yourself time,” she added. “Don’t give up on yourself. You’re still there. There’s a new version of you, but she’s still amazing.”

We think every mother should take the time to read what Lawrence has to say — and believe it for themselves, too.

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