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Alyssa Milano Has Such a Body-Positive Approach to Her C-Section Scar

A cesarean section scar isn’t something to be ashamed of. Just ask Alyssa Milano, who recently told the Me Becoming Mom podcast how proud she is of her own post-baby body after giving birth to son Milo via C-section.

“How many people can say this is where they cut me open, removed all of the organs in the way, got my baby out, gave me my baby, put all of the organs back in, and then stitched me and stapled me up?” the actress recently said on the podcast. “There’s something incredibly tribal about it, almost. It feels almost like a tattoo in a way.”

In 2016, Milano told Today why her scar is so meaningful. “I love my C-section scar, because it’s where my babies came from.”

The actor and mom of two didn’t always feel so comfortable with all that can encompass childbirth. During the Me Becoming Mom podcast, she opened up about her postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety after welcoming Milo Thomas, now 10, with husband David Bugliari (they also share 7-year-old daughter Elizabella). “I wonder how much of my postpartum anxiety was due to — of course, hormones and all of the things — but also that feeling that felt like I wasn’t in control, you know?” she said.

The Sorry Not Sorry author also revealed her brief struggle during childbirth with Milo — stemming from trauma related to past sexual assault. “I remembered at one point [during the birth of her son Milo] really not enjoying the fact that lots of people had access to my vagina,” she shared. “And thinking to myself, ‘Why does— I don’t like this. Why does it feel so familiar? I’ve never had a baby before. Why does this invasive feeling feel so familiar?’ That was just a fleeting moment, a tick in time, but I didn’t forget about it.”

Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, and Jennier Lopez are just a few celebrities who have openly shared their C-section stories. It’s refreshing to see Milano join these strong mommas.

Childbirth is nothing like in the movies, as these beautiful photos show.

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