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Gabrielle Union’s Newest Family Photo is The Perfect Picture To Describe How Typical Mornings Go

Gabrielle Union’s family photos have always been a fan favorite — especially the ones that show a more intimate side! And this new one Union just posted takes the cake for the best sleepy-before-a-big-morning family photo.

Union captioned the photo, “Fittings with E.T,” tagging her youngest daughter Kaavia. She also put in her location, “Home With My Crazy Family” — adding an adorable touch to a silly family photo.

Union is sporting a gorgeous tangerine dress and blue stockings for a fitting before a big event. Her husband Dwayne Wade has his ensemble together with a white shirt, polka dot blazer, and black pants.

And Kaavia is wearing the coziest-looking blanket we’ve ever seen — with her eyes barely open. This family photo exemplifies a perfectly imperfect morning — sleepy faces and all! And we absolutely love this type of real family photo.

Union has opened up about her fertility journey with Kaavia. She talked about how she had several miscarriages and failed IVF treatments before finding the perfect surrogate. In an interview with Women’s Health back in 2019, she talked about how Kaavia came at the perfect time. “Any earlier and the FOMO would have influenced how I parented. I’ve seen it. I’ve done it. I’ve done it well. I’ve gotten all the T-shirts. Now I’m in the right mindset and mental space, and I’m open to being the best mom I can be.”

And from what we’ve seen, she’s absolutely killing it as a mom!


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