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Amanda Seyfried Has Some Strong Opinions About This Hot Parenting Issue & We Couldn’t Agree More

Amanda Seyfried has been quite open in recent years about motherhood, from the good to the not-so-good, and even the injustices.

On Oct. 29, Seyfried reposted a startling statistic in her Instagram story, that said: “1 in 4 new moms goes back to work 10 days after giving birth.” Seyfried captioned the repost saying, “#paidfamilyleave is f***ing essential.”

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In light of COVID-19 events, many have been put in economic trials, especially mothers. A new policy proposed by the Biden administration, which would be a comprehensive, national Paid Family and Medical Leave, is under consideration from Congress.

It would provide Americans overdue benefits, such as paid time off to care for newborn children, time off and help for sick family members, and/or the same for recovering from an illness.

However as of Oct. 2021, the Biden Administration unveiled its spending framework of $1.75 trillion, but paid family and medical leave aren’t a part of it. And stars like Seyfried are wildly unhappy about the news.

Seyfried recently opened up about her harrowing postpartum journey with antidepressants after her first pregnancy with her daughter, Nina Sadoski. “I didn’t get off my antidepressant — it’s really for anti-anxiety for me.” She added that after the birth of her second child, Thomas Seyfried-Sadoski, she continued with her long-time medication, and has no shame in that fact. “I don’t want to feel bad. I don’t want to feel scared. I want to feel as supported as possible because this country doesn’t support women, maternal mental health, or maternal health at all.”

We agree that maternal health and benefits like paid family leave are essential, and it’s wonderful to see stars speaking out about these injustices.

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