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Katy Perry Jokes That Moms Are Just Like Pop Stars: ‘You’re Up All Night’

Katy Perry drew an interesting (and hilarious) parallel between motherhood and pop-stardom while guest-hosting The Ellen Degeneres Show and honestly, it’s pretty accurate.

Since giving birth to her daughter Daisy, whom she shares with actor Orlando Bloom, Perry has been candid about the transition to motherhood and her narrative is always good for a few laughs. During her Monday appearance on the talk show, Perry joked, “Now that I’m a mom, my life is actually kinda totally different. And yet I realized it’s kinda similar to being a pop star: You’re up all night, usually holding a bottle of some kind, there’s vomit on the floor, and your boobs are always out.”

Perry had opened her monologue joking that she and DeGeneres had switched roles: “Right now, Ellen is actually filling in for me — she’s at home breastfeeding my child.”

Though Perry and Bloom do their best to keep Daisy out of the public eye, the proud mom can’t help but gush about her baby girl every once in a while. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Perry admitted that Daisy has a favorite word. “She is talking,” she revealed. “But she thinks everything is a cat. When a person will walk in she will say ‘Hi, gato!’ I don’t know why she is so fascinated with cats.”

“It’s wild because people who love my music, they call themselves Katy Cats. She doesn’t know anything about that, she doesn’t care about any of that, but for some reason the major word in her life is gato,” she explained. “It feels like destiny.”

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