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Tired of tornadoes

Are you tired of picking up after your partner and child? Maybe you’re wondering what would happen if you just went on strike or stopped to relax for one moment?! Well, Jess Bali, editor of, knows exactly how you feel!

Why do I bother?
Why do I bother? My house is never clean, my girl just demolished that freshly folded pile of laundry to find the seventh outfit to wear today, and my hubby is glued to the television, at least the last time I checked he was. Never know, he could have reached the fridge by now for that beer he wanted. Sometimes I shake my head and wonder what these people would do without me to stand there and put up with their strange habits.

Just last night after my daughter was in bed I put in a new load of laundry, straightened the upstairs, cleaned the entire kitchen and today it looks like I did nothing at all! In fact, it looks worse! I am really considering hiring Molly Maid, or who ever those cleaning ladies are.

Frankly, I am tired! I can see you sitting there reading this and totally getting what I am talking about. I know that I am by far the first person to deal with this nor will I be the last. For those who have more than one child, you are all miracle workers, because between my husband and my daughter I am beat!

So how do you begin to change these habits? You know I have been given a number of different useless solutions to this! Here is my take on some of the advice…

Go on strike
Yeah like I want a bigger mess to clean up when you finally admit to yourself that they won’t do anything! The one thing that most women figure is that if they aren’t doing it the guy will go crazy in the mess and at least help a little.

I do know that there are some guys out there that really “require” a clean tidy house, but for the most part, nope. Haven’t seen a guy yet that can’t live in a little chaos. I don’t recommend the strike idea. It seems a little too much like work once the day gets closer to the end.

Do your work in spurts through out the day.
Oh that is the trick! Go around clean up here and there and when you are done that little bit take a break, relax and watch as your four-year-old just undid everything that you accomplished. Now there is an idea!

Not for me, sorry. I prefer to do my housework at night when my daughter is in bed. Besides, life is so much quieter when they are sleeping! (Grin)

Organize on paper what you have to do
Tried that and failed miserably! These little typing pages look so cool to color on that this type of fast fix is a fast fizz, unless of course you are the ones holding those fat crayons. Couldn’t we have just drawn it on the wall? My daughter has become a master artist with her wall creations, why not me?

Relax, things can wait!
Have you ever tried this? I have. Lets just say that my laundry can and will reach over my daughter’s head, and my husband can still sit and watch TV, through the dust! Never mind the stress that I feel sitting in a pigsty. My husband says that the ever-increasing gray hair that is sprouting from my head is just a telltale sign that I put too much stress on myself over all of this housework. Well, if I had to try to relax as my little and big tornadoes ripped through the house every day I would have no hair!

So how do you fix it? Who knows! If you know, share, we all want to know that secret! What is my trick? Forget about how you are going to get it done, just do it! Our days are limited for time as is and creating unnecessary lists and structures to things just wastes more time.

Speaking of wasting time, I have dishes to do; laundry to throw in the dryer, dusting… Why am I telling you this? Just another example on how when you try to organize your housework on paper things won’t get done! Hope you find the solution in your house!

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