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Ashley Graham Calls Parents of Multiples ‘My Heroes’ as She Prepares for Twins

Future twin-mom Ashley Graham is paying respect to parents of multiples — calling them “My heroes” — as she maneuvers pregnancy with a toddler.

The supermodel recently shared a photo in her Instagram stories of son Isaiah, who is almost 2, wearing a diaper and covered in a brownish green left-to-your-imagination substance (baby food? poop?!). “And I have two more on the way?!” she captioned the image. “Parents of multiples — you are my heroes.”

Last month, Graham and her husband Justin Ervin announced they are expecting twins by sharing footage from a sonogram appointment. “Are you serious? We’re gonna have three boys?” she excitedly asked the technician.

Carrying one child while parenting a toddler is tough enough, but expecting multiples is a whole new challenge, so Graham and Ervin will likely need a unique type of support. And once the babies are born, parents face new protocol on feeding, sleep, and bonding routines, not to mention the emotional support and self-care that all parents deserve during those exhausted early days.

For now, the model is contending with pregnancy-related heartburn — “I’ve had to give up coffee. It’s so sad,” she told Access Hollywood this week — and admitted to feeling vulnerable at the idea of welcoming two babies at once. “I don’t know how you can prepare, even to be a mother first of all, to now I’m going to have three kids under the age of two for about a month,” she said. Though Graham hasn’t shared her due date, Isaac turns two in January, which suggests that fans can expect the birth to occur sometime in December. “But its going to be fun,” she added. “…I’m honestly so excited to meet them.”

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