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Scheana Shay’s Postpartum Health Scare Has Her & Brock Davies Considering Surrogacy or Adoption for Baby No. 2

It seems like no one is enjoying their new-parent glow quite like Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay and her fiancé Brock Davies. The couple welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Summer Moon Honey Davies, in April 2021, and have since documented their life together on social media. But in the five months since Summer’s birth, the couple has already begun to consider how they’d like to expand their family — and they opened up about exploring surrogacy and adoption as options for their second child.

“We’ve talked about it. It will not happen any time soon,” the reality TV star said of having another child, per E! News. “I did get really sick after I had her and I got diagnosed with HELLP syndrome. So that’s something that I’m high risk to happen again and that’s something that’s just very scary. So I don’t know if I will necessarily put myself at risk again,” Shay explained. Indeed, HELLP syndrome is a condition that can impact pregnancy. It’s a variant of preeclampsia and “affects about 0.2 to 0.6 percent of all pregnancies,” according to the American Pregnancy Association. The acronym stands for hemolysis (H), elevated liver enzymes (EL), and low platelets counts (LP).

“We’ve talked about unfreezing my eggs and turning them into embryos, maybe a surrogate, maybe we adopt one day. Definitely open to expanding the family just not sure how or when,” Shay shared. Based on the experience Shay had with her first pregnancy, it’s more than understandable why she and Davies would want to explore their options in the future.

Shay has frozen her eggs twice — once after her 2017 divorce from Michael Shay and again in 2019. For Shay and Davies, it’s clear that they want to enjoy as much time as possible with their baby girl while she’s still an infant. They also have a wedding to plan, so they’re definitely busy as is. When it comes to the family planning, having options and feeling comfortable exploring them must be reassuring for the couple as they open up this new chapter in their lives.

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