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Brittany Matthews Celebrates Daughter Sterling’s 7-Month Birthday With Blissful Exhaustion

Brittany Matthews is feeling nostalgic about how fast 7-month-old daughter Sterling is growing, sharing her mixed feelings on Instagram.

On Tuesday, the mother-of-one posted an adorable photo of baby Sterling, whom she shares with NFL husband Patrick Mahomes, writing, “Can’t believe my girl turned 7 months yesterday.” In another image of her daughter, the fitness instructor wrote, “This girl makes every day worth it and just fills my heart with so much love.”

Aw! It’s clear how smitten Matthews and Mahomes are of Sterling, whose cuteness they regularly display on Instagram. She does look like a pretty sweet kid, though Matthews has admitted life with a new baby isn’t always perfect and she experiences hard times, too.

“Yes, I have them,” Matthews admitted to a fan who asked her to share her “mama struggles” on social media. “But I choose not to talk about them here. That’s my own personal choice. I try not to make everything seem perfect, I’m sorry if I do, cause you’re right. That’s not the case about everything.”

Case in point: Later that day, after gushing about Sterling, Matthews uploaded a Boomerang video to her Instagram Stories featuring her side-eyed expression. “Dear Moms, How do you become not tired? Lol,” she captioned her image.

Sterling, like many other moms, is experiencing the roller coaster known as new parenthood— sometimes it’s all cuddles and cuteness; other times it’s exploding diapers and colicky cries. And the exhaustion that comes with taking care of a tiny human being, is intense. But so worth it!

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