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Nikki Bella’s Son Breaks Dad Artem Chigvintsev’s ‘DWTS’ Trophy In A Classic Toddler Move

Oops! Retired WWE star Nikki Bella‘s son Matteo broke his dad Artem Chigvintsev’s Dancing With the Stars trophy to remind us all why parents can’t have nice things.

In an Instagram post shared last night in advance of the ABC primetime show’s 30th season premiere, Bella included one still shot of 13-month-old Matteo sitting sweetly next to the DWTS trophy his dancer dad won last season with partner Kaitlyn Bristowe. Swipe left, however, to see a video of what happened when Bella encouraged her son to cheer for Chigvintsev and his new dance partner Melora Hardin.

Matteo, are we manifesting for Dada?!” Bella said in the footage of the toddler sitting next to the DWTS trophy. “Say, ‘Dada, we’re manifesting for you to be … oh shoot. Oh no. OH no,” watching as the boy tore off a chunk of the gold lettering on the trophy. “Artem, I will fix that one. Oh boy. I will fix that.”

Bella tried to stick the letters back on with no success. “Shoot,” she said with a laugh. “I will fix that before you get home.”

Then, Matteo did what toddlers love to do and attempted to use the fancy gold letters as a teething ring. “Oh no, baby!” Bella told him, taking the piece out of his mouth.

Bella tried to get her video back on track with well wishes for Chigvintsev and Hardin, imploring fans to vote for the couple. She also tried to get Matteo to apologize and say that he would fix the trophy. Unsurprisingly, the toddler did not comply, and in fact tried to eat the gold letters yet again.

“Teo and I will get your trophy fixed!!!” Bella wrote to her husband in the caption of the Instagram post. “Lol Oooppss ha! We gotta a strong boy here!!”

Luckily, Chigvintsev didn’t seem to be angry. “Love you both so so much and I guess dad needs to get a new trophy this season,” he commented on his wife’s post.

Great attitude, Dad!

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