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Sarah Ferguson Writes Love Letter to Daughters Princess Eugenie & Princess Beatrice: ‘You Made My Life Complete’

Sarah, Duchess of York, a.k.a, Fergie, has written a touching love letter to her daughters Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, whom she shares with ex-husband Prince Andrew, in a new essay for Good Housekeeping.

The essay, which will appear in the October issue of the magazine, highlights Fergie’s role as a “young grandma” — Eugenie gave birth to her first child in February and Beatrice is expecting her firstborn later this year — and her delight at watching the women (who are the granddaughters of Queen Elizabeth) grow up. “Every day I thank the universe for allowing me to be your mother,” she wrote. “You have always been the blood in my veins. From the time you were wee tots, you made my life complete. I look at how full of humility, laughter and joy you are in your hearts, and I marvel at you both. Now, in you as mothers, I see strength, courage and steadfastness, integrity and goodness, and the way you embrace every challenge and moment.”

Fergie also marveled at watching her girls become mothers themselves. “But if I do cry or tear up as you drive away, it is only because I am so proud of you,” she wrote. “It has been just us for 33 years, but now you are creating your own families, and I couldn’t be happier for you both and my magnificent sons-in-law, Jack and Edo.”

The Duchess of York, a published author and philanthropist, added of being a grandmother, “…I smile from my heart every day, because that is how it feels to be a granny. I have so many fun ideas of things to do with my grandchildren, and of course they’re a perfect new audience for all my children’s books.” Her latest book, a novel titled Her Heart for a Compass: A Novel, was published in August. 

And she shared admiration for her daughters while enduring life in the spotlight. Both women have been mocked for their clothing and their weight over the years. “You have both withstood cruelty in the face of cyberbullying, keyboard warriors and social media trolling,” she wrote. “You have stood strong in the face of such adversity. Whatever faces you, still you remain in harmony with life.” 

It seems as though Ferguson’s greatest hope is for her grandchildren to learn from her royal legacy. “When your children walk on their own journeys, please teach them to be authentic to themselves, like I taught you,” she wrote. “Tell them to always try to turn to joy —to see nature, hear the birds sing, feel the rain droplets that make trees smile. Believe in fairies and the magic of every day. Never give up on the road to smiles and rainbows, and remember the saying ‘This too shall pass, like the clouds in the sky.’”

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