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Katy Perry Describes Why She Isn’t So Worried About Maintaining a Schedule for Daughter Daisy

When you’re a new parent, there’s lots of pressure to stick to a schedule when tracking your baby’s eating or sleeping patterns. But new mom Katy Perry is letting herself off the hook, and instead is content with providing a routine for daughter Daisy that “fluctuates.”

The American Idol judge and singer opened up about her first year of parenting in a new profile with LuisaViaRoma for their first issue of LVR Magazine, via People. During her chat with the outlet, Perry opened up about how she approaches parenting her 1-year-old, whom she shares with fiancé Orlando Bloom.

“In the beginning, I worried about a schedule but decided I won’t be that mom. All that matters is that everyone is happy,” said Perry. More than anything, the singer is relishing the “opportunity to do [parenting] in a way that one hopes it was done for them, maybe better. I don’t know if anyone gets it right.”

Everyone parents differently and it’s clear that Perry isn’t stressing about what parenthood “should” look like, which, frankly, is refreshing. That’s because things rarely unfold as planned, especially when it’s your first baby. All told, the highest priority should always be ensuring your baby’s happiness and health — and yours too! We love that Perry is maintaining that focus instead of trying to create an illusion of order.

The couple recently celebrated Daisy’s first birthday, on which Perry penned a sweet tweet to her girl. She wrote, “1 year ago today is the day my life began…” We love seeing these sweet tributes and hearing Perry’s honest and unfiltered take on motherhood. Keep those new-mama hits coming, Katy!

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