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Halsey Shares the Criticism That Hurt Them Most While They Were Pregnant

Halsey is getting candid about the discrimination she faced while pregnant with newborn child Ender, namely that outsiders treated the singer like a “teen mom.”

“I’m 26, and I tried very hard for this pregnancy and it was like, I’m financially independent, I’m pretty far along in my career, it feels like the right time for me to do it,” Halsey said during a recent radio interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, as reported by Entertainment Tonight. “And I got treated like a teen mom a lot of the times, where people were like, ‘Oh my God, you’re so young, and you have so much to do in your career, and you’re not married and you’re this.’ And it triggered all of these feelings of shame from when I was younger. It triggered a lot of old feelings of shame in me where I was like, how can you have an opinion, that kind of opinion on me making this decision?”

Halsey, who shares Ender with boyfriend Alev Aydin, noted that if she waited to start a family, she might face judgment for that as well. “But then, there’s also, ‘She worked too hard, she never had a family. She’s going to die alone. She was too obsessed with work, she never found someone.’ ‘It’s a shame she’s not going to have any kids, her career’s not going to hold her at night.'”

So, they decided to silence that noise and go with their gut. “So f**k ’em and I just was like, I’m going to do what I want to do. You know what I mean? I was like, this is important to me.”

Halsey had decided to take a break from sharing so much on social media while pregnant. “The consequences were too high,” they revealed. “The consequences of letting social media stress me out or cause me grief. It’s no longer just me being affected by it. There’s a whole other person whose nervous system is being affected by the status of mine. So I had to kind of make that choice.”

It seems that Halsey has been relishing parenthood and slowly incorporating social media back into their routine with a throwback pregnancy photo and beautiful breastfeeding shots. Two weeks ago, Halsey took to Instagram to post pictures of life at home with baby Ender and postpartum stretch marks with the caption: “Well….this is what it look like.”

Celebrate the beauty of different breastfeeding journeys through these photographs.

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