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Mandy Moore Shares an Incredibly Honest Account of What It’s Like to Breastfeed

This week has been so special for countless parents, as the world celebrates and spotlights World Breastfeeding Week. The incredible initiative puts a focus on the health and wellness of parents who choose to breastfeed their children, along with advocacy for more education and empowering new parents to feel like they have a safe space to breastfeed their child. A number of public figures have celebrated the occasion by sharing unfiltered breastfeeding photos on social media, including Mandy Moore.

The new mom, who welcomed her son August in February, took to Instagram and shared a series of photos that captured her breastfeeding her nearly six-month-old son. Along with the moving photos, the This is Us star also included a caption that was incredibly honest about the journey Moore has been on as a new mom. “Breastfeeding is not always smooth sailing (clogged ducts, timing life around feedings, pumping for when I’m at work, etc… ),” Moore began the caption to her post.

“But nursing this baby boy for the past nearly 6 months has been a beautiful, messy and an oh so rewarding experience I will treasure forever,” she continued. “It goes without saying that #fedisbest and I’m grateful to my body and the tremendous support I’ve had around me (especially in the beginning days and weeks when I had no clue what I was doing) for allowing me this time to nourish my sweet guy,” she wrote. Among the photos, Moore also included an image of herself in full old Rebecca makeup while breastfeeding her baby at work.

Moore hasn’t been the only celebrity to open up about their breastfeeding journey, or share some unfiltered photos. Along with the actress, singer Halsey also shared a photo breastfeeding their baby, Ender, and more have taken to social media to erase any stigmas connected to public breastfeeding and highlight the critical initiative that is being celebrated this week. We’ve loved seeing these photos over the course of the past few days, and we’re just so glad that public figures like Moore and so many others are using their platforms to highlight such a vital issue of parenting.

Celebrate the beauty of different breastfeeding journeys through these photographs.

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